About the Author

It all started with a girl who loved to travel.

But eventually that girl turned into a woman, a woman who started to learn that the most beautiful things in life were not necessarily the transient vistas seen from some foreign soil, but the gorgeous realities of building and having a healthy, fulfilling, and self-sustaining home life right here in America’s enchanting midwest.

Since departing a position in event production that had me fast-track traveling the globe, I’ve learned to slow it down a bit and start building my own version of riches – green living, healthy & responsible eating, self-sufficiency, and preparedness – and settling into a lifestyle that brings me ever closer to home, because, for me, home is where the heart is.

Currently calling the Wisconsin/Illinois border my home and savoring family life with my mate and our goofy black lab, every day brings new discoveries and new challenges. I love every minute of it, and happily share my experiences with those who share in these quaint passions & curiosities.


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