Great Tools (and Gift Ideas!) For Making the Kitchen Zero-Waste and the Home Non-Toxic

During the chilly winter season I find myself spending lots of time staying cozy at home. With the holidays just around the corner, even more of that time is spent in my kitchen participating in two of my favorite activites – cooking and baking.

But I find modern world I cook and bake in a far cry from ones of my mother and grandmothers…today’s world seems to be all about cheap convenience and disposability, with an emphasis on how fast something can be done instead of the quality of the experience.… Read the rest

The Effect of an Election on Your Life

The election results are in and, starting in January of 2017, Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States.

Half of the population is elated that things are about to change. And change they will, which is the one outcome I think everyone can agree on. The big argument takes place on whether it will be for the better or not; we have truly become a country divided as the other half fears that Donald Trump inauguration will trigger an apocalypse.… Read the rest

Annual Review 2015: Looking Backward

My very first thought on 2015? It was one HELL of a year. What a ride!

Truly, overall it was a very good year and I didn’t have many negative things that happened or too much to complain about.

What Went Well in 2015


I cleaned up my finances.

After a very slow start to my writing business and being unemployed for about 50% of 2014, I exited the year in debt for the first time in my life.… Read the rest