Great Tools (and Gift Ideas!) For Making the Kitchen Zero-Waste and the Home Non-Toxic

During the chilly winter season I find myself spending lots of time staying cozy at home. With the holidays just around the corner, even more of that time is spent in my kitchen participating in two of my favorite activites – cooking and baking.

But I find modern world I cook and bake in a far cry from ones of my mother and grandmothers…today’s world seems to be all about cheap convenience and disposability, with an emphasis on how fast something can be done instead of the quality of the experience.… Read the rest

Choosing Self-Sufficiency in A Consumer Society

Adjusting to my new job has been an interesting process. Even though it was only a couple of months I’d had a completely free and open schedule, in that short period of time I seemed to have forgotten the basics of time management. Until recently I’d found myself scrambling over the past few months to keep up, get everything done, and stay in shape whilst simultaneously ensuring I was performing at peak efficiency for my new boss.… Read the rest

Making the Decision to Switch to Raw Milk

I have long been an avid dairy drinker. Right up until a couple of months I was consuming over a gallon a week of milk, sometimes close to two. This was a pretty big problem.

Of course, I didn’t originally see it as a problem. I loved milk, and since I wasn’t lactose intolerant, what could be better to drink (if I wasn’t drinking water) than organic milk?… Read the rest