Back in Business! A Note For My Readers….

Hi Readers. This quick little post is for you.

To begin, I apologize for my absence recently. Really, there’s been two big things going on.

First, my “day job,” if you want to call it that, kicked my butt last month. Everyone knows by now that I work at a golf course in the summers here, and throughout August we were overflowing with outings and simultaneously losing most of our other cart girls for the season.… Read the rest

Why People are Your Most Important Resource

It’s no secret that I’m a fanatic over the show Lost.

I’ve watched it in its entirety repeatedly (5, maybe 6 times through now?), I can give you a personal tour of the filming sites on Oahu, and I even have some of the same clothes as Kate. But, in speaking with fellow fans over the years since the show ended 4 years ago, I have encountered many people who did not agree with the way the show was brought to completion.… Read the rest