How a wanna-be expat in her 20’s became a homegrown patriot in her 30’s


“You don’t have to agree with your politicians to be a patriot.” 

– Corbin O’Brien

I write to you today from my humble Wisconsin home, snuggled into a ridge overlooking the shores of Green Bay from the Door Peninsula, surrounded by a patchwork of farm fields and forest. The sight is one of beauty and contentment to me now, but had I shown it to my 20-something self, it would likely have seemed quite the foreign concept.… Read the rest

2014 Annual Review: Looking Back and Ahead

Early in 2014 I started following three location-independent entrepreneurs that were instrumental in changing the course of my life. You’ve probably heard me refer to them before as my real life heroes.

Every year, two of them, Chris Guillebeau and Sean Ogle, do an #Annual Review for themselves to look both backward at how their year went and forward to what will be coming up.… Read the rest