Why People are Your Most Important Resource

It’s no secret that I’m a fanatic over the show Lost.

I’ve watched it in its entirety repeatedly (5, maybe 6 times through now?), I can give you a personal tour of the filming sites on Oahu, and I even have some of the same clothes as Kate. But, in speaking with fellow fans over the years since the show ended 4 years ago, I have encountered many people who did not agree with the way the show was brought to completion.… Read the rest

Accepting the Financial Instability of a Beginning.

Making a lifestyle change always has inevitable financial setbacks; and a lifestyle that involves pursuing entrepreneurship? You better believe that’s going to have a whole boat load.

Add to that boat load the desire and, really, necessity of traveling (which, for this lifestyle choice, it’s a part of the job) and you can expect to spend some quality time hanging out in the red.… Read the rest