The Rolling Suitcase VS. The Backpack

In the last couple years, as my traveling lifestyle really started to pick up speed, it occurred to me that the occasional borrowing of my parents nice carry-on sized Briggs & Riley wasn’t going to cut it anymore, and my only piece of luggage that would suit travel for more than a few days (not to mention work travel, which requires a somewhat heavier load than my normally-minimalist packing style) was too big to carry on (I despise checking luggage).… Read the rest

Why I Love To Travel

My current home airport is Chicago O’Hare – ORD for those of us who speak in airport code. Which can make for some very hectic attempts at traveling, especially in the northern hemisphere’s winter months.

Hence, I spent last Saturday afternoon scrambling to re-arrange my Sunday morning flight out of ORD, thanks to a gargantuan winter storm that was forecasted to bury Chicago that evening.… Read the rest

5 Awesome Ways to Experience History In Fiji

Although it is commonly referred to simply as Fiji, the largest of the Fijian Islands actually has its own name. The main island of Viti Levu has been shaped by over 35 centuries of complex cultural influences, building an incredibly diverse history in the process.

Amidst all the discoverable natural beauty of Fiji, it’s worth it to take a break from the beaches and jungles for a day or two to get a taste of some rich historical goodies.… Read the rest