The Kennedy Assassination, The 9-11 Horror, And A False Golden Age.

I’ll admit it, I’m a little behind on a topic of great importance…I’ve just finally finished up season 3 of Mad Men (thanks Netflix for making binge watching such a breeze).

Once simply a dry fact out of a history book to me, it was an incredibly striking experience to see President Kennedy’s assassination through the eyes and hearts of characters I’ve come to have a massive personal investment in.… Read the rest

The Rolling Suitcase VS. The Backpack

In the last couple years, as my traveling lifestyle really started to pick up speed, it occurred to me that the occasional borrowing of my parents nice carry-on sized Briggs & Riley wasn’t going to cut it anymore, and my only piece of luggage that would suit travel for more than a few days (not to mention work travel, which requires a somewhat heavier load than my normally-minimalist packing style) was too big to carry on (I despise checking luggage).… Read the rest

Why I Love To Travel

My current home airport is Chicago O’Hare – ORD for those of us who speak in airport code. Which can make for some very hectic attempts at traveling, especially in the northern hemisphere’s winter months.

Hence, I spent last Saturday afternoon scrambling to re-arrange my Sunday morning flight out of ORD, thanks to a gargantuan winter storm that was forecasted to bury Chicago that evening.… Read the rest